Kundalini Activation: The Therapy with Benefits for Everyone

In a world where holistic well-being is becoming increasingly vital, the search for innovative practices that promote mental, emotional, and physical balance is constant. One such practice, gaining remarkable traction in recent years, is Kundalini Activation Energy, or KAE®.

KAE, often described as the awakening of our dormant energy, has been embraced by individuals seeking profound healing and transformation in their lives. In this article, we'll explore what KAE is all about and why it's becoming the wellness trend with benefits that everyone is eager to experience.
A representation of the kundalini energy activation in the body, flowing through the 7 chakras system.
What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy, a concept rooted in ancient Indian philosophy, represents the latent potential residing within each individual. The term "Kundalini" finds its origins in the Sanskrit language, signifying a coiled serpent and symbolizing the dormant energy located at the base of the spine. This profound energy is believed to exist within our bodies, often likened to a coiled serpent, patiently awaiting its awakening. When activated, Kundalini ascends through the body's energy centers, known as chakras, along the spine, ushering in a variety of transformative experiences. This potent force is thought to possess remarkable healing properties, impacting both physical and spiritual well-being. It is said to aid in the removal of blockages, revitalizing our physical and emotional health, and leading to an elevated state of consciousness. Ultimately, Kundalini energy serves as a conduit for personal growth, nurturing self-awareness, equilibrium, and a deeper connection with our true selves and the world around us.
A pictures of a Hindu God golden statue representing the kundalini energy taken at a life changing, wellness retreat in portugal.
What Happens in a KAE Session?

During a KAE session, participants lie down, close their eyes, relax, and embark on an inner journey, often described as a journey back to one's essence. The session is accompanied by carefully curated music, aligning with the energy flow and enhancing the experience.

The certified KAE facilitator initiates the session by transmitting energy to the participant, activating and stimulating their Kundalini energy. As the session unfolds, the facilitator meticulously directs their attention to the various energy centers within the participant's body, engaging with their Kundalini and Toroidal energies. This experience may manifest in a subtle, introspective manner, characterized by deep insights and profound feelings, however it can also manifest in a more dynamic and energetic way, evoking sensations such as involuntary movements, shifts in body temperature, tingling sensations, and emotional expressions, including tears, laughter, or even vocal outbursts.

From an energetic perspective, this process is often described as a rejuvenation and healing of previously suppressed information within the energy field. This information tends to manifest as various limitations, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature. The energetic data undergoes a process of reorganization and restructuring. Consequently, numerous individuals have reported experiencing significant life transformations, as a result of the increased energy coherence following their KAE retreats or sessions.

Who developed KAE?

Diego Moscoso, the founder of Kundalini Activation Energy, is a man with a gentle and loving presence, in a state of complete transparency, who holds no information or opinion back, and whose life's journey is as inspiring as the transformative practice he has developed.

Gifted with the innate ability to transmit energy, Diego's path took a profound turn in 2009 when he endured a 72-hour coma, during which he experienced a profound internal reset. Though his physical body remained still, his awareness remained acute, granting him insights into the intricate energetic workings of the human body, the resolution of emotional blockages, the purification of information, and the activation process of Kundalini energy within the body. In this condition, he experienced altered states of consciousness and a deep sense of internal non-dual unity.

Since that moment, Diego has dedicated his life to exploring the intricate workings of the human body across the realms of energy, emotion, mind, and spirit. His quest has led him around the globe, where, drawing from his personal experience, he sought to merge the fundamental principles of advanced western science with eastern spiritual and energetic philosophies. This journey culminated in the creation of an energy tool capable of activating the body's internal healing mechanisms, restoring the balance between body and mind, nurturing emotional well-being, and facilitating elevated states of consciousness—ultimately resulting in Kundalini Activation Energy, a tool that Diego teaches from a state of genuine honesty, gratitude, and a profound sense of love.
A beautiful blond lady laying down on the grass, wearing a whool sweeter color blue, in complete appreciation - one of the benefits of KAE - and with her hands placed over her heart after a kundalini activation session in a retreat in portugal.
Why Is Kundalini Activation Becoming So Popular?

Kundalini Activation's rising popularity can be attributed to its transformative potential. Beyond the sensations during a session, participants report profound changes in their daily lives. They find themselves more in tune with their intuition, more open-hearted, and with a deeper sense of purpose.

The Future of Wellness: KAE Retreats and Workshops

Kundalini Activation Energy (KAE) has rapidly gained prominence and is now an integral part of various wellness retreats and workshops around the world. These immersive experiences offer participants the opportunity to engage in the transformative practice of KAE within a supportive group setting. Often, these retreats provide participants with valuable integration tools that facilitate a complete and holistic transformational journey. This emerging trend is reshaping the landscape of wellness, offering a profound way to benefit and enhance personal growth and well-being.


For those who have experienced Kundalini Activation Energy, it transcends being merely a wellness trend; it serves as a dynamic and influential tool shaping the future of global wellness. It offers a path to profound self-discovery, transgenerational, emotional healing, and elevated consciousness. Its capacity to facilitate profound transformations makes it particularly appealing to those in search of a comprehensive and holistic approach to health.
If you are eager to embark on a journey of self-exploration and embrace profound change, KAE may be the practice you have long awaited.

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