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Our teachings are based on the following topics:
  • An interconnected Universe
    We explore the vibrational nature of the Universe that surrounds and connects us all
  • You are a Powerful Creator
    We discover the power that arises from achieving a coherent aligning between our beliefs and our true desires
  • Emotions as Your Inner Compass
    We learn the art of using our emotions to identify and transcend limiting beliefs, aiming for a sustainable alignment
  • A Life of Contribution and Fulfilment
    Within each of us lies a divine purpose. Now is the time to embrace it and assist the world in its transformative journey
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We invite you to send us your questions through the link below. Our Healthy Mindset Coach will review them monthly and create free videos addressing selected queries. You can also sign up to have access to the collective insights shared in the videos, even if you don't currently have any specific questions. You will have the opportunity to expand your perspective, receive guidance from a qualified Healthy Mindset Coach, and connect with like-minded individuals seeking to evolve and thrive together.

For more information on group coaching, our Healthy Mindset Coach, and upcoming retreats, feel free to explore our website. We look forward to receiving your questions and creating content that will inspire and empower us all.

Ask Ana - Free Group Coaching
All questions will be kept confidential, and no names or locations will be disclosed during the video session. We want you to feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and aspirations without hesitation.
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